Workforce Mental Health

Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS) is the emotional distress that arises when someone vicariously experiences the traumatic experiences of another individual. Sometimes known as compassion fatigue, the toll of tending to someone's painful experiences can create very real symptoms in caregivers, including teachers.

The Cascade School Board is committed to preventing and addressing secondary traumatic stress for District personnel by supporting mental health in the workplace. Every day, school staff work with students experiencing trauma and loss. As a result, teachers, school counselors, administrators, and other school staff may experience secondary traumatic stress. When secondary traumatic stress is left unaddressed, it may lead to staff turnover, burnout, adult chronic absenteeism, and health issues that negatively impact everyone in the school community.

 Workforce Secondary Traumatic Stress Policy
Workforce Secondary Traumatic Stress Procedure

Reducing Secondary Traumatic Stress in the K-12 Workforce
OSPI - Workforce Secondary Traumatic Stress

Marcia Smith, Human Resources
Workforce Mental Health Committee