Cascade Employee Benefits
Eligible Cascade employees are offered a comprehensive benefits package through the
School Employees Benefit Board (SEBB) Program.  These benefits include medical, dental, vision, and life insurance coverage.  In addition, we offer paid-time off, holidays and on-going professional development training.

Use this section of the website to learn about the benefits we offer to employees and to explore programs you are eligible for as a Cascade employee.

Annual Open Enrollment
The SEBB Program's annual open enrollment is October 28- November 25, 2024. Open enrollment changes are effective January 1, of the new year.  Make changes or view your current coverage in
SEBB My Account

You are not required to make any changes to your health plans during open enrollment.  If you choose not to make any changes, you will remain enrolled in your current health plans.

Medical Flexible Spending Arrangement (FSA)
The SEBB Program offers a medical flexible spending arrangement (FSA) program that allows you to set aside money from each paycheck - before taxes - to pay for out-of-pocket health expenses.  The minimum annual contribution is $240; the maximum is $2,750.

If you have enrolled (or wish to start) in the Medical Flexible Spending Arrangement (FSA),
you must enroll and re-enroll each year during the SEBB annual enrollment period.  The Medical FSA is offered only to school employees who meet criteria listed in WAC 182-31-040. 

Here are some of the ways an FSA can help you:

  • Setting aside a portion of your pay with an FSA reduces your annual taxable income and makes it easier to pay for out-of-pocket health expenses.

  • The full amount you set aside for your calendar FSA contribution is available on your first day of coverage for expenses.
    Your FSA helps you pay for deductibles, copays, coinsurance, dental, vision, and many other expenses.

  • You can use your FSA for you or your dependent's health care expenses, even if they are not enrolled in your SEBB medical, dental, or vision plan.

Marcia Smith, HR