cascade school board

L to R standing - Trey Ising, Cyndi Garza, Mike Worden
 L to R seated - Judy Derpack, Supt Tracey Edou, Zachary Miller

Five community members make up the Cascade School District's Board of Directors, one from each of the five geographical districts.  The board members are elected to their posts by registered voters for terms of four years.  Individual board member's authority is limited to actions taken by the board as a whole when the board is legally in session.  Board members do not assume the responsibilities of administrators or other employees. 

The School Board has fundamental governance responsibilities that fall into five major areas:

  • Vision

  • Governance

  • Accountability

  • Structure

  • Advocacy

The Role of the School Board
It is the function and responsibility of the school board to:

  • Assess, adopt and evaluate policy that adheres to state and national law

  • Develop, plan, monitor and assess the district's strategic plan, goals and objectives

  • Represent and act as a liaison between the community and the district

  • Hire and establish goals for the evaluation of the superintendent

  • Approve, monitor and steward district assets in alignment with community priorities

  • Assure systematic review and evaluation of the district curriculum and programs

  • Advocate on behalf of the district for appropriate state and national educational laws

Student safety and each student's continuous development are top priorities.  Each student's needs and interests are the board's primary responsibility.

Although it provides overall governance of the district, the Board employs and empowers a professional staff of administrators led by a strong superintendent of schools to carry out the district's daily functions and to pursue its short and long range goals.  Once a year, typically in December, the board chooses its chairperson, vice chair, legislative liaison, liaison to City of Leavenworth Parks & Recreation, liaison to Cascade Education Foundation, and Washington Interscholastic Athletic Association liaison.

Board Meeting Information

The regular meetings of the Board of Directors will be held on the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7 pm, according to a yearly schedule adopted in advance by the Board  2023-2024 board meeting dates.  Adjustments may be made to the schedule.  Refer to the Board Calendar.

Special Meeting Dates

Special Meetings are announced within 24 hours of being held.  They are called by the board president or by a majority of the board, and are typically held to deal with emergencies, study sessions that are not regularly scheduled and board retreats. 

How Do I Become a School Board Member?
If you are interested in becoming a board member, you must be a citizen of the United States, need to be over 18 yrs of age and a registered voter of Chelan County.  Candidacy is filed with Chelan County Elections at the courthouse in Wenatchee, WA in May either in person or online at www.elections.chelancountywa.gov and under "Candidate Resources". Primaries are then in August with elections occurring in November of that year.  Please contact the Superintendent's office (548-5885/Julie Winters) if you are interested in learning more. 

If you are interested in any of the director positions, you must reside within the boundaries of the director district you are planning to become a candidate in.  For more information, please visit Chelan County Elections at www.co.chelan.wa.us/elections

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