Welcome to our technology page for parents.  These pages were created to assist our parents with the many ways we use technology within our school district. 

Below is a brief summary of the different programs and to the left are the tech program links where parents can watch how to videos, get help with technology for their student(s), and technology platform links.

SKYWARD (All Grades)
Skyward is the Student Information System (database) that many schools use (including Cascade) throughout the United States to manage student data.  Students have a log in and password that is unique to them and parents have a login and password as well (get in touch with your school office if you need to know what that is - if you have just forgotten your password, you should be able to reset it if we have your current email on file).  Students see a version of Skyward that is "student access" and Parents see a version of Skyward that is "family access". 

Once a parent logs into their Skyward "Family Access" account they can see information regarding their children such as attendance, grades, class schedules, family contact information (emails, phone numbers, addresses), food service information (account balances, apply for free and reduced meals) and pay online for things such as meals, ASB cards, sports, activity and/or class fees.  

SEESAW - (K-2)
In grades K-2 we use "Seesaw".  Seesaw is a primary-friendly communication tool to help connect families, students, and school!  Seesaw allows students to have a hands-on approach to share thoughts and learning with their teacher and their family in a blog-style format.  Teachers are able to monitor student progress on a safe platform, and communication and learning is all in one location! 

CANVAS (grades 3-12)
We have been using "Canvas" as our learning management system (LMS) since Sept 2019 in grades 6-12 and will be transitioning this platform to grades 3-12 beginning August 2020.  Canvas is the learning platform that makes teaching and learning easier and is used widely across the United States making it one of the leading LMS systems colleges and universities use for student/professor communications.  Students can see assignments here and submit work to their instructors.  Instructors can communicate here with students regarding their assignments. 

Beginning in August 2020, parents ("Observers") will be able to log into Canvas. 

Microsoft Teams is one of the many collaboration tools offered through Microsoft 365.  We use Microsoft Teams a lot like a Zoom meeting.  It allows teachers and students to have video meetings (either one-on-one or team chat) and share information and documents. 

MICROSOFT 365 (formerly Office 365)
A suite of collaboration tools offered by Microsoft through a subscription service.  Some of the tools we use are email, OneDrive, Sharepoint, Excel, Teams, Surveys and Forms and many others.

Zoom can be used for online meetings, trainings, webinars, cross-platform messaging and file sharing. 

Five Free Office 2016 Download for Students through Office 365 (Student)

If you need technical assistance, please email your teacher and they will contact our tech support.  You must include the following information in your email:

  • Parent email or phone number

  • Description of issue

  • Device name, white and black label on screen 

Below is a list of WiFi access points throughout our district, when using district-issued devices, your device should automatically connect when near a school building.  Please remember to wear a mask and practice social distancing when you are using these areas.

City Pool Parking Lot, 694 Hwy 2
Leavenworth City Library, 700 Hwy 2
CSD District Office, 330 Evans St
IRMS, 10195 Titus Rd
CHS, 10190 Chumstick Hwy
ALP, 500 Pine St
Beaver Valley School, 19265 Beaver Valley Rd

59er Diner, 15361 Hwy 2
Ponderosa Community Clubhouse, 21100 Cayuse St

PD Elementary School, 10001 School St
Peshastin Library, 8396 Main St
ValleyHi Park, 3500 Allen Ln

Dryden Ball Park, 8695 Main St