Special Services

The purpose of these programs is to help students learn and provide a safe and exciting school experience. 
Local Resources - Click on this link for a list of district and community resources.  
Special Education
The Cascade School District provides a wide range of programs and services for infants and students with disabilities, from birth through age 21. Once a child or young adult is identified as eligible for special education, the district provides education that is specially designed to meet the student's unique needs and ultimately aimed at preparing the student for a post-high school academic setting, employment and independent living. Special education is provided at no cost to the student or parent.  

Special Education at (509) 548-4004. 

Kodiak Cubs Preschool (located in Icicle River Middle School)
Offered by tuition, our preschool program is for 3 to 4-year-olds, and our Pre-K is for 4 to 5-year-olds.  We have a highly qualified and experienced professional staff, including a full-time certified teacher, a full-time aid, and a full complement of special services, including Speech and Occupation/Physical Therapy. 

Contact Lindsay Camp, (509) 888-7761. 

Federal Programs

Title IA 
Recognizes that all students regardless of their socioeconomic status or background deserve a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education.  Funding received from Title I is used to plan and implement specific programs and strategies which supplement basic instruction to reading and math. 

Contact Dr. Tracey L. Edou, (509) 548-5885.

Title IC-Migrant Education
Programs assist students whose mobility raises barriers to success.  The program supports the unique educational as well as health needs of migrant students by enhancing their opportunities for personal success and advocating for quality services that promote responsible and productive individuals. 

Contact Emily Ross, (509) 548-5832.

Carl Perkins Vocational & Technical Education
Provides assistance to develop the academic, vocational and technical skills of students.  Contact Kirk Sunitsch, (509) 548-5277.

Highly Capable
Supports identification procedures and services for highly capable students. 

Contact James Swanson, (509) 548-4042.

McKinney-Vento (Homeless Assistance)
Cascade School District's Homeless Assistance program is available to address and support the educational needs of students who find themselves in temporary or transitional housing during the school year. Our program works closely with local shelters and housing providers, local community agencies and resources. We work together to ensure educational stability for students in short-term/temporary and transitional/homeless housing situations so they feel supported and encouraged while they secure permanent housing. 

Contact Meche Grace, (509) 548-5839.

State Programs

Learning Assistance Program
Services parallel and support the Title I program and its activities but can expand beyond Title I to all low achieving K-12th grade students.  

Contact Dr. Tracey L. Edou, (509) 548-5885.

State Transitional Bilingual
Funds many of the same services available under Title III (English Language Learners) and addresses the unique needs of students from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds and to help them achieve the high content and performance standards expected of all students in Washington State.  

Contact Emily Ross, (509) 548-5832.