• District News - August 2018


    We would like to invite our community, staff, parents, and students to the Alpine Lakes Elementary School "New Building Dedication" on Thursday, September 20th at 500 Pine St! The Dedication Program will be from 6-6:30 pm with opportunities for self-guided tours from 6:30-8:00 pm.

    We are very proud of this new school and grateful to our community of voters for supporting our building project(s). We look forward to sharing all of the amazing features of this building and visiting with you at the dedication on the 20th of September!

    School starts Tuesday, Aug 28th!!  Please check each school web page for the school supply lists for your student(s). 

    The printed calendars are ready to pick up at the district office - Mon-Fri, 8-4.  This is the one that has student artwork each month and ALL kinds of information throughout the year included.  








    August 7, 2018 (CHS)
    We are on track for the Aug 28th first day of school!  New furniture is now in and placed in the new academic wing of the high school (to the right of this photo) as demolition and construction continues on "Phase 2".

    The old Cascade High School administrative offices are gone and will be replaced by a new art classroom, weight room/fitness studio, visiting team locker rooms, concessions, and other athletic wing facilities. This new construction phase will connect the new academic wing with the previously modernized gymnasiums.

    This phase II of construction has a completion date of December 2018.

    CHS Stage

    CHS Stage from Soundbooth- June 2018

    The Cascade High School academic wing, offices, band room, commons and other portions will be ready for Aug 28, 2018 start of school.  

    The old administration offices and rest of building will be torn down in next few months and then final phase is the construction of the athletic wing that connects the academic wing with the existing gyms.  Final completion of last phase is set for mid-December 2018. 

    This phasing and design has allowed students to continue to utilize the school and not be placed in portables during construction. For more information, please visit our CHS Construction pages  

    Alpine Lakes Elementary  Alpine Lakes Elementary - June/2018
     500 Pine Street

    All classroom/building moves finished on Friday, June 22nd.  New furniture began arriving on Monday, June 25th at Alpine Lakes Elementary.  The settling in phase (technology, phones, classroom setup, etc) will occur over the summer 2018 with classes (grades 3-5) beginning August 28, 2018.  We will host an openhouse in September inviting our community to tour the new facility. 

    Peshastin-Dryden Elementary Update 
    Lydig Construction, Inc was awarded the bid on the Peshastin-Dryden Elementary modernization project.  There were three bids opened on February 27th and Lydig Construction came in with best bid that also fell within the $10.6 million budget for the PD project. Construction begins this summer.  

    The Peshastin-Dryden Elementary staff and classrooms move to the Osborn building (for the 2018-19 school year) has been completed.  Next phase is the settling in phase of classroom setup, technology, phones, etc.  Once PD modernization is completed (estimated June 2019), the staff and students will move back in the fall of 2019.


    If your address or phone number(s) change you can go online and update your information beginning August 1st.  Located under Quick Links on the right side of this page, click on Family Access and log in.  The parent/guardian then clicks on the "Student Data Verification" (upper left) in family access for each of their currently enrolled students.  This is where you update or verify your mailing address, phone numbers, emails, etc.  You can also fill out the FREE/REDUCED LUNCH APPLICATION ON LINE HERE!!  

    Once you fill out information for one of your students and complete the step, the relevant information automatically populates into your other students.  Complete all of the steps (green check mark shows) and finish.  Free and Reduced lunch application information will then appear under "food service" on this same family access area.  Once the application is approved or declined, you will see it appear on "food service" tab, upper right side under "applications".

    Our families now have the ability to pay for fees (any sports participation fees, ASB cards, yearbooks, and food services, etc) online through family access!  You can do this anytime.  There is a $1.75 convenience fee per “cart”.  

    1. Family access can be found on the district website at www.cascadesd.org, right side under “Quick Links”
    2. Log in (get your login and password from your school building office if you don’t have it).
    3. All of your children should appear on one page. You can purchase for all of your children here.
    4. On the left side, click “Fee Management”.
    5. This should bring up the fee management page.  Click “add a fee” at your students account.
    6. At the bottom of the page you can choose the fee(s) that you would like to add – VERY IMPORTANT – click on DISPLAY FEES and check ALL OF THE BOXES, then SAVE.  This brings up ALL sports for the year.  Add as many as are applicable or that you wish to pay at this time.  Hit the back button at top right and you will see these fees then populate under your students’name.  Then go to your next student and do the same steps.  There is a family sports fee cap of $200 per family for CHS & IRMS - the system will automatically adjust when your purchase is over $200.
    7. Once you have finished adding all the fees to all of your students (including food service).  Now click “make a payment”. At this screen you update the payment amount for fees and you can also make a payment for food services (make sure you use “update payment amount” on each of these for each student). At any time if you make a mistake you can “empty the cart”.  Once you have finished with updating the amounts – you will then end up at the screen asking you to Update the cart (you will see a total line next to this button).
    8. At this point, you should have all amounts ready (fees and food service) to go for all of your students.  Click the button at the top “Pay with Vendor”.

    9.  If you have already made a previous payment on line (food service) – all of your credit card and account information will be in the system and you just click through to the end.  If not, you will need to type in and create an account along with a credit/debit card you wish to use (don’t forget an email too so the program can email a receipt to you).  
    Online Athletic Registration is now available for high school and middle school athletes.    

    Family ID


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    Chelan County is able to send you emergency alerts via text message, email, pager, or voice mail (in extreme cases), based on your preferences. It is important that we collect this contact information because many households no longer utilize traditional land-based telephone lines. 

    The system is intended to be used for emergency alerts, as well as non-emergency incidents that may have significant impacts to residents. Emergency Alerts could be related to specific hazards that require some kind of action be taken such as evacuation, shelter in place, boil water orders, etc. Non-emergency alerts could include significant transportation problems with prolonged impacts or significant ongoing police or fire activity. This list is not meant to be all inclusive, and demonstrates that this system will not be used for routine information. In addition to receiving information on your wireless device, you may also receive notification on your land telephone line (if you have one) depending on the type of incident or event. 

    Please provide your address and preferred method(s) of contact. Adding your address will allow tailoring so you do not receive alerts that do not pertain to your geographical area. 

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