Forms - Choice, Intent to Homeschool


Administration of Medication at School

If your student has medications that they need to take or have administered to them at school/sports/field trips/activities, etc. (prescription or over-the-counter), this form will need to be filled out by parents and health practitioners each school year and turned into your school office or school nurses.

Choice Form

If your student resides within the Cascade School District but you would like them to attend another public school or an online school operated by a WA public school, you are required to fill out the choice form at the resident school district to begin the choice process.  This is the form you use if the student is planning a complete choice out - all day/every day. Once filled out, it will need to be dropped off, mailed or emailed to the Cascade School District Office, 330 Evans St, Leavenworth WA 98826.  Email to

Choice Form - Spanish

Declaration of Intent to Home School

A Declaration of Intent to Home School must be filled out for each student that you are planning to homeschool.  This must be done ANNUALLY in August prior to the start of the new school year. Drop it by the District Office at 330 Evans St, Leavenworth.  Monday through Friday, 8-4:30 pm.

Flyer Distribution Approval Form

Before any flyer or poster can be placed in any school(s) buildings, prior approval must be made.  If you are requesting a flyer to go home with students (K-5 only), the flyer must be translated into Spanish and have the one paragraph disclaimer on the bottom of the flyer as well.  Read and fill out the flyer approval form, with flyer attached and drop by the district office or email to Julie Winters.

Interdistrict Agreement

This is the form you will fill out with direction from the two school districts your student would like to attend.  Once completed, it will need to be returned to Julie Winters at the Cascade School District Office.

Sports Physical Form English

Sports Physical Form-Spanish