Registration & Enrollment (All Schools)

Enrollment Options

Most students in Washington go to the public schools that are closest to their homes. But parents and guardians have many enrollment options for their kids. Students can attend an approved private school, enroll in an Alternative Learning Experience program, be taught at home (Home Based Instruction), or attend a charter school.  In some circumstances, they can also transfer to other schools within or outside the district in which they live. 

In 1990, the state Legislature formalized some of the public school options by passing the Learning by Choice law.

In Cascade School District, we have two Alternative Learning Experiences (Kodiak Virtual Academy (K-12) and Home Link (K-8)), one preschool, a Transitional Kindergarten program (4 yr olds), three elementary schools (a K-2, a 3-5, and a K-5), one middle school (grades 6-8), one alternative high school program, and one high school (grades 9-12) that offers a total of 140 college credits (see below for details).  Students can also participate in Running Start through Cascade High School and Wenatchee Valley College. 

Here in the Upper Valley, our earliest learners have several options:  Kodiak Cubs Preschool, TK Cubs, Chelan-Douglas Child Services Association (Head Start in Peshastin) and Mountain Sprouts located in Leavenworth. For more information on these programs, please see this page.


Family Choice allows parents to select which public school(s) their children will attend, within certain limitations.

To initiate a choice in or out of Cascade School District or attend an online school operated by a WA public school (other than KVA), you are required to fill out the choice form to begin the choice process.  This approval/form will need to be done annually.  

Once completed, please drop it by our offices, mail or email to Cascade School District Office, 330 Evans St, Leavenworth WA 98826.  Email to

Solicitud de Transferencia

Home-Based Instruction

Washington state law recognizes the desire of some parents to seek a home-based instruction for their children. OSPI offers technical assistance to school districts that are working with parents seeking to exercise this educational right.

 RCW 28A.200.011(1) states that each person whose child is receiving home-based instruction under RCW 28A.225.010(4) must file annually a signed declaration of intent that he or she is planning to cause his or her child to receive home-based instruction. The declaration is to be filed by September 15 of the school year or within two weeks of the beginning of any public school quarter, trimester, or semester with (1) the superintendent of the public school district within which the parent resides, or (2) the superintendent of a nonresident public school district that accepts the transfer, in which case, the student is considered a transfer student of the nonresident district.

Each school year, school district administrators are asked to complete and submit to OSPI (Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction) the Home Based Student Annual Report to identify the number of students whose parents have filed declarations of intent to provide home-based instruction for the current school year. This data is used to maintain student enrollment statistics and project enrollment statistics and trends.

Intent to Home School Form

Request for Part-Time Attendance or Ancillary Services

Students who attend a private school or participate in home-based instruction may request to attend our schools either part-time or for ancillary services. Please submit the form above to

College in the High School, Dual Credit, and Advanced Placement

In high school, our students have the option to earn up to 140 total college credits and never leave the high school campus! A student has many graduation pathway options.

With College in the Classroom, a student can earn 60 credits from UW, EWU, & CWU.

Through our Career & Technical Education program (Career Pathway) students can earn 55 dual credits with through CHS, with WVC credit.

Advanced Placement courses in our high school are offered on every other year schedule. These courses are college level and credit is awarded by a student's score on a nationally recognized exam. For 23-24 school year, five AP courses are offered for 25 credit possibilities.

Our high school also offers seven industry-recognized certifications: Firefighting I, Wildland Firefighting (red card), Health, Living Skills, Digitools, Engineering Design, and Digital Photography. 

Running Start Enrollment Verification Form (RSEVF)

The  Running Start program allows students in grades 11 & 12 to attend a college where students can receive both their high school diplomas and college credit by completing specific credit requirements for high school graduation and course requirements for a technical certificate or associate's degree. 

Running start students and their families do not pay tuition for Running Start courses, but they may need to pay college fees and buy their books, as well as provide their own transportation.  

Please note: the enrollment verification form (RSEVF) must be signed off by the high school counselor AND the college running start advisor.