Role and Purpose

The Cascade facilities department ensures that our student learning environment is safe, clean and functional.  We strive to create the very best learning environment that public dollars can afford and work with the public to make those facilities accessible. Our highly skilled staff consists of four main departments.

      1.  Our efficient Custodial staff that serves the needs of each building by maintaining a clean and safe environment for students.
      2.  Our knowledgeable Grounds staff that cares for and nurtures the 26+ acres of athletic and playfields across our district.
      3.  The reliable and helpful Warehouse/Delivery staff that provides needed material and supplies in a timely manner. 
      4.  The skilled Maintenance and Operations staff maintains all of the buildings and other physical assets of the district.  

Our team works together to maintain the district as a whole unit and strives to offer the best service possible to our customers (students, staff and community).