Discovery School

Cascade Discovery Program
12790 Fish Hatchery Rd.
Leavenworth WA, 98826
(509) 548-4572

The Cascade Discovery Program is a unique learning opportunity for high school age students. It is a partnership between the Cascade School District and US Fish and Wildlife. We are located on the US Fish Hatchery grounds in beautiful Leavenworth Washington and have a great working relationship with the staff at the hatchery.

In addition to offering the standard high school curriculum offered around the state, we have the opportunity for enriching programs and mentorships with the Hatchery Staff. Students at Discovery have the chance to work side by side with biologists, tech gurus, maintenance staff, and community organizers to practical skills in a hands on environment. As a "Small School" we have amazing opportunities to hear from inspirational speakers, learn of various carreer opportunities, and visit folks who are 'living their dream.'

We offer traditional classes in a smaller group setting with great student/teacher ratios, self paced classes, experienctial education, job shadowing and mentorship opportunities.

If you are looking for a different setting, an opportunity to push yourself, a chance to catch up on credits, or just don't want to deal with the drama of a larger school - check out Discovery.

HOW TO APPLY: If you have any questions or are interested in applying to Cascade Discovery or just want to see what the school is about and if it would be a fit for you, please contact me, Travis Blue, during the school year, at 548-4572.