School Safety

School Safety
Keeping all students safe is of paramount importance.  The District employs a comprehensive approach to school safety that includes:

1.  Social emotional learning and prevention
2.  Emergency preparedness, response and recovery
3.  School facility and system improvements focused on safety and security

These efforts invovle staff, students, and parents, as well as community partnerships with local fire and police departments, and mental health professionals.  Here are some of the major programs and initiative in place, intended to keep Cascade School students and staff safe and secure.

See Something - Say Something
One of the most important aspects of keeping a school safe is simply - "see something, say something".  Everyone in the school community is urged to report anything that seems "off".  Please reach out to a principal, teacher, staff member, or trusted adult to report a concern.

The district has a a Tipline that anyone can use, at any time, to report concerns anonymously. Students are uniquely positioned to be aware of a troubled peer or someone who threatens to harm themself or others.  Parents are strongly encouraged to talk with their students about why reporting concerns is vitally important.  For tips on how to have these kinds of conversations with students and address concerns about school shootings, this resource on the American Psychology Association website may be helpful.

K9 Unit Agreement

CSD has a partnership with the Chelan County Regional Justice Center for a K9 Unit (Gambit) to conduct searches of student lockers, backpacks, school property, and school vehicles as authorized by law and at the request of a school official.

Parent Guide for School Emergencies
Have you ever wondered what you should do, as a parent, when your child's school is in lockdown?  Or, where to look for reliable information? This brochure summarizes a parent's role during a school emergency - how best to support a school and emergency responders on the scene, during an actual emergency event.  It defines school protocols for evacuations, shelter-in-place, and lockdown responses, as well as instructs parents/guardians what they will need to know (and bring with them) for reunification with their child.  Click here to read the Parent Guide for School Emergencies, (Guia Informativa sobre Emergencias Escolares) and learn where to look for updated information from the District about an incident. All parents were mailed this brochure and informational letter (carta informativa) Sept 28, 2018.

Comprehensive School Safety Plan & Protocols
The District is continually assessing strategy, tools, and its overall approach to safety and security.  The District has a Comprehensive Safety Plan, and each school has a building-level plan that aligns to the district plan.  

Active Shooter Training
In September of 2018, the District hosted a series of four dynamic trainings for all students and staff in grades 6-12, as well as an evening session to which all parents were invited.  Nationally-recognized School Safety Expert
Jesus Villahermosa conducted the sessions, and served as an advisor when the District updated its emergency response protocols and staff safety materials to reflect best practices in the event of an active shooter/intruder.