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Welcome back to a new and exciting school year. One of my favorite aspects of working in a school setting is the definite beginning and end each year brings. Every fall is fresh and invigorating as kids return to school with new teachers, classes, and the fall sports.  And there is no more beautiful place on earth than autumn in Leavenworth! 

The Cascade School District is proud of its students and their accomplishments and achievements. Our schools are ranked academically in the top 10% of the state and in some cases the top 5%.  We are also keenly aware of the need to provide students with a safe and nurturing educational environment and we place this as our top priority to promote Continuous Student Development. 

Cascade serves students with a wide range of interests and needs, and as a team of professionals we work very hard to provide each child with the opportunity to dream big and to be successful everyday. It is often said it takes a village to raise a child and I believe this to be true. The Cascade communities provide the district with resources, support, and facilities to meet our mission and vision. Without you, success would be almost impossible; we value your continued support.

Public school is the great equalizer. All children regardless of race, color, economic status, or faith can be successful in life and our communities. Thank you for your support to help children make a difference in our world!

Bill Motsenbocker





If you are interested in this for the 2014-15 school year - please visit the Youth United link to get your paperwork.  You could begin accumulating your hours beginning April 1, 2014 for the coming year!! 

Cascade School District recognizes the importance of teaching young people to volunteer their time by helping others and strengthening our communities. 

  http://www.uwcdc.org/YouthUnited.aspx , or call Julie Winters @ 509-548-5885 or Trina Heuchert at Youth United 509-662-8261.