Projects are underway from the Capital Projects Levy
In February 2014, the voters approved a Capital Projects Levy for Health & Safety Improvements to Icicle River Middle School, Peshastin, Leavenworth and Dryden fields. Read more....

Fees Can Be Paid Online Through Family Access Now!!

Our families now have the ability to pay for fees (any sports participation fees, ASB cards, Yearbook fees, driver’s ed fees, etc) online through family access!!  You can do this prior to the sports kickoff on 8/18 (bring a copy of your email receipt to give to staff).   I will also have computers available at the sports kickoff in the computer lab for parents to log in to family access and make payments with their credit/debit cards. A $1.75 transaction fee is charged with your transaction.

If you are familiar with paying for food services on line – this works the same way.   Here is how it works if you are not familiar with online payments.  Steps:

1. Log in to family access (located on left hand side of this website).

2. Your students names should all appear (if not they have not been properly linked in Skyward-see office building secretary to have them linked into the family).

3. Look to the left side and find “Fee Management”. Click here.

4. This should bring up the fee management page.  Click “add a fee” at your students account.

5. At the bottom of the page you can choose the fee(s) that you would like to add – add as many as are applicable or that you wish to pay at this time.  Hit the back button at top right and you will see these fees then populate under your students name.  Then go to your next student and do the same steps.

6. Once you have finished adding all the fees to all of your students.  Now click “make a payment”. At this screen you update the payment amount for fees and you can also make a payment for food services (make sure you use “update payment amount” on each of these for each student). At any time if you make a mistake you can “empty the cart”.  Once you have finished with updating the amounts – you will then end up at the screen asking you to Update the cart (you will see a total line next to this button).

7. At this point, you should have all amounts ready (fees and food service) to go for all of your students.  Click the button at the top “Pay with Vendor”.

8. If you have already made a previous payment on line (food service) – all of your credit card and account information will be in the system and you just click through to the end.  If not, you will need to type in and create an account along with a credit/debit card you wish to use (don’t forget an email too so the program can email a receipt to you).  

9. If you have ANY questions on how to do this – Please email me at jwinters@cascadesd.org or phone 548-5885.  I would be happy to help you.  Julie Winters




If you are interested in this for the 2014-15 school year - please visit the Youth United link to get your paperwork.  You could begin accumulating your hours beginning April 1, 2014 for the coming year!! 

Cascade School District recognizes the importance of teaching young people to volunteer their time by helping others and strengthening our communities. 

  http://www.uwcdc.org/YouthUnited.aspx , or call Julie Winters @ 509-548-5885 or Trina Heuchert at Youth United 509-662-8261.