May 2016

May 2016 

Skate Park:


• The District and City have an interlocal agreement signed in 2000 for the building and operation of the skate park for 25 years.

• The only responsibility the District had in this agreement is to provide the land. However, the agreement will end 9 years short and will leave the District partially responsible to replace the skate park to another location.

• In November of 2015 the City Council stated a general agreement the skate park should not hinder or dictate the design of the new high school. NAC was given the go ahead to use all available space on the high school site. In the end the entire site was needed to meet storm water, parking, and fire code regulations.

• The City has approved the demo of the skate park and the District has the demo permit in hand to begin June 16, 2016.

• The original 25 year interlocal agreement with the City will end and a replacement memorandum of understanding will be drafted.

• The District’s responsibility to share in the cost of replacing the skate part will not be in the form of cash, but will rather be in a discount on the purchase price of the north half of the Osborn site.

• The District is planning on keeping the south half of the Osborn site including the current district office and will use the space on this section to build a tennis facility. Construction on the tennis facility could possibly begin this August.


Pine Street Play Fields:


• We are still waiting on the Army Corps to give us their determination on the wetlands question for Pine St. Regardless of the decision we will move forward to develop the space. If a wetland is determined, we will mitigate the square feet of wetland to another location and continue develop the site.

• Excavation on the Alpine Lakes school site will begin in June. Soil removed from the school building site will be stock piled on the future play field area.

• The Leavenworth Soccer Club has agreed to fund the landscape architectural work on the Pine St. site to develop the practice football field, a play area for the school, and additional green space for little league baseball and youth soccer. They are also seeking grant funding to pay for at least part of the construction costs. Work here may also begin this summer depending on all the details and funding availability.


May 23, 2016

Hurst Construction (Excavation), from Wenatchee, won the bid for the early site package work on the Alpine Lakes Elementary School and will start work on June 16th, 2016.  They will begin by excavating several feet of top soil from the lower practice field behind the bus garage and storing it on the Pine Street property where it will be leveled for our future play fields.
May 4, 2016
The Cascade School District is working this month to remove any hazardous materials from the Pine Street property.  The process included the demolition of the small white house on the morning of May 4.  If you have any questions about demolition of outbuildings on this site, please call us at 548-5885.