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December Motivated Mountain Lion Students...Kindness & Caring

A big congrats to December’s Motivated Mountain Lions! This month’s focus was "Kindness and Caring".


Monzerat Gil-Garcia

Monzerat Gil-Garcia, 8th Grade

If you look up "kindness" in a dictionary, you will most likely find a picture of Monze. To start each day, she greets everyone with a smile and a "good morning". Also Monze will often inquire as to how your weekend was or what upcoming plans you have. She seems to get alonw well with all students and staff. Monze is grealy respected by all!!


Evan Tompkins

 Evan Tompkins, 8th Grade

Evan is a joy to have in class and goes out of his way to connect with both his peers and bulding staff members. During group projects and partner work time, Evan is always high ly requested because his dedicationa nd goo-natured personality make him so much fun to work with. Keep being you, Evan!


Julian Feeney

Julian Feeney, 7th Grade

Julian Feeney is incredibly kind. In fact, his ability to reach out and assist others is contagious. In his academic and commons area groups, teh bar for treating each other well is raised just by his presence. We ould like to thank Julian for all the kindness he spreads when he helps his peers, asks how other are doing and thanks us all almost daily!


Diane Onate-Penilla

Diane Onate-Penilla, 7th Grade

Diane Onate-Penilla is the epitome of kindness. She constantly notices when others need assistance and jumps in to help even when she is busy. As teachers we observe her calmly going abou her day, including others in the process of classwork and social opportunities. Her efforts to be kind show courage, empathy, and confidence. Never stop being your kind self, Diane!


Molly Bowles

Molly Bowles, 6th Grade

Molly Bowles has a very very kind sole. She partners enthusiastically with anyone and does her best to make people feel at ease. We grealy appreciate Molly's ability to find common ground in difficult social situations. 

 Rowan Aponik

 Rowan Aponik, 6th Grade

Rowan sets a great example of kindness. He utilizes his ability to empathize with others and puts a sense of care into action. Recently, one of the our 6th grade students found out they were moving away and Rowan took the lead in creating a very thoughtful gift.