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Congratulations Cascade School Board selected 2022 NCESD Regional Board of the Year

Cascade School Board has been selected as the 2022 NCESD Board of the Year.

Our School Board was selected in particular due to how well they work as a team with district administration. Specific actions included seeking funding to support geographically remote and low income families to be able to access remote instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic, actively learning about the climate and culture of each school, and working as a team to include diverse voices in decision-making.

It is my honor to work in partnership with such a strong School Board. They have been a positive, supportive group including and beyond topics related to COVID-19. They do a great job of sharing community perspectives and working hard to listen, learn and communicate.

Please join me in congratulating our great School Board!

Tracey Beckendorf-Edou, Superintendent