• Attendance

    State law mandates daily school attendance. While regular attendance is a responsibility of students and parents, the attendance law places a legal obligation on school authorities with regard to attendance. In meeting this obligation, the following attendance rules have been adopted:


    1.  Students returning from absences are expected to have an explanatory note from parents.
    2. Absences will be recorded as “Excused” for the following reasons
      1. Illness
      2. Doctor/Dental Appointments
      3. Family Emergencies
    3. Parents should contact the office in person, in writing, or by phone for Planned Absences
    4. Extended Absences:
      1. Extended illness requires a doctor’s signature and explanation.
      2. Family emergency extended absences require early notification of school personnel
    5. Excessive absences (12 more days) will require a doctor's note for future absences to be excused

    Pre Planned Absence Form 

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