• Welcome to Beaver Valley Elementary School

    We are a two-room ""Remote and Necessary" public school within the Cascade School District located in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range in Plain, WA (20 miles north of Leavenworth, WA). We serve a maximum of 36 students in grades K-5th from Winton, Merritt, Lake Wenatchee, Ponderosa, Chiwawa, Plain and River Road areas.  Dr. Kenny Renner-Singer is our Principal, as well as the Principal of Alpine Lakes Elementary School, in Leavenworth.

    Beaver Valley Elementary School (K-5)
    8:15 am to 2:45 pm
    Late starts Wednesdays will be 2 hrs later (10:15 am)

    Principal, Dr. Kenny Renner-Singer
    19265 Beaver Valley Rd
    Plain, WA 98826
    We value and promote physical, social/emotional and cognitive development, technology, art, innovation, growth mindset, health and outdoor recreation.  
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