• Some history of the different school districts that have made up the Cascade School District No. 228 over the years.

    1903 - Cascade Tunnel School District No. 25 (merged into district no. 6 in 1903, Chiwaucum SD at the time).  

    1906 - Merritt School District No. 50 and Winton School District No. 6.  In June of 1942, an election was held to join Lake Wenatchee, Merritt, Winton, and Leavenworth School Districts into one district.  Winton and Merritt voted against consolidation, while Lake Wenatchee and Leavenworth voted in favor of consolidation.  The Chelan County Reorganization Board did not do anything until 1944 when Lake Wenatchee, by a public meeting petition, agreed to become part of Leavenworth School District if Winton and Merritt joined also. A 1916 school law addressed second class and third class school districts which gave the County Superintendent the lawful authority to bring Merritt and Winton districts into the consolidation in 1944.  Winton and Merritt districts went to court protesting the consolidation and were permitted to withdraw, while Lake Wenatchee stayed with the Leavenworth School District No. 128. 

    The two districts (Merritt & Winton) merged with Leavenworth School District No. 128 in 1965.

    Peshastin School District No. 100 and Dryden School District No. 104, both districts voted in 1956 to merge into one district, initially suggested to become Blewett School District.  It became Peshastin-Dryden School District No. 200.  In 1983, the school boards of Peshastin-Dryden School District No. 200 and Leavenworth School District No. 128 voted to consolidate into one school district as Cascade School District No. 228.