Welcome to Counseling Services

  • Role & Purpose

    Cascade School District has counselors at each of our buildings for student and family resources.  See Link at left "Counseling Resources" for a complete listing of family support services and contact information.

First Name Last Name Title Email Phone
Ashley Bartanen Cascade HS Counselor abartanen@cascadesd.org 548.5277
Danielle Steele Icicle River Middle School Counselor dsteele@cascadesd.org 548.4042
Tyler Cox District Psychologist tcox@cascadesd.org
Katie Schmitten Social Worker kschmitten@cascadesd.org 548-5277
Meche Grace Elementary Counselor (K-5) ALP - Mon & Th PD - Tue & Fr Alternates Wednesdays mgrace@cascadesd.org 548-5839 ALP 548-5832 PD