• KODIAK VIRTUAL ACADEMY Online Program (Grades 6-12)

    Oline Tech

    Welcome to Kodiak Virtual Academy (KVA) Online Program for students living within the Cascade School District boundaries and in grades 6-12.  Through KVA, Cascade has partnered with APEX Learning and BYU Independent Study to provide coursework by licensed Washington State teachers. 
    KVA is inclusive in that it provides a supportive learning environment for students with a wide range of academic abilities.  Students enrolled in this online program are expected to make weekly contact with our KVA Advisor, Katie Schmitten.

    Alternative Learning Experience (ALE): Participating in KVA is a privilege. Washington State ALE rules govern how students must perform in online courses. Students are required to maintain weekly contact and weekly progress to reamin in good standing. If a student has 20 days of no contact and progress, intervention and/or a drop from the student's online course is required. 

    Weekly Contact. According to Washington State law, students must have weely personal contact with their instructors. Direct personal contact shall be for the purposes of instruction, review of assignments, testing, reporting of student progress, or other learning activities. 

    Students are required to main contact a minimum of once a week. That means:

    • An assignment/test/activity posted that an instructor grades and/or provides feedback on;
    • Email exchange with teacher;
    • Phone call with teacher;
    • Face to Face or zoom meeting with teacher;
    • Electronic exchange with teacher: Discussion Board, Blog, Instance Messages.

    Regular Progress: One of the advantages of KVA is that it allows for a flexible learning environment. Student may work on their assignments when and where they would like. At the same time, Washington State law requires students to make academic progress in their online courses. 

    Student progress will be evaluated against progress benchmarks which are clearly defined in the course for each month.