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    Samantha Jerome, BSN, RN              

  • Purpose
    The mission of Health Services is to promote optimal health and learning experiences for students and staff in the educational setting. 

    Our district nurses are committed to work with families, students, school staff and the community to promote health, safety and academic success for all students.  The goal is to function as a team that respects the skills and gifts of all members, maximizing each others potential and interests.

    Role of the School Nurse

    √ Annual Vision and Hearing Screening (K-3,5,7)

    √ Assessment of and Referral of Health Conditions

    √ Immunization Information and Compliance

    √ Consultation and Control of Communicable Diseases

    √ Assistance with Medical Accommodations in the School Setting

    √ Administration of Medication

    √ Consultation/Training of and Monitoring of Medication Administration in the School Setting

    √ Provision of Treatments Required During the School Day

    √ Health Collaboration with Special Education Department

Health Services Contacts

First Name Last Name Title Email Phone
Samantha Jerome School Nurse (PD & IRMS) sjerome@cascadesd.org 548.5832