• Technology Student Association


    About Us

    TSA is a national organization devoted exclusively to the needs of students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

    TSA Mission

    Enhances personal development, leadership, and career opportunities in STEM, whereby members apply and integrate these concepts through intra- and extra-curricular activities, competitions and related programs.

    Who can join us?

    IRMS TSA is open to all 7th and 8th grade students.  6th graders are welcome to attend meetings and help at open labs.

    When do we meet?

    Join us afterschool in room 205 for our general meetings or attend an open lab session after school to work on your event project.

    Why join TSA?

    • Use inspiration and enthusiasm to apply to your knowledge and creativity in independent and team projects
    • Improve your technology skills
    • Develop leadership skills
    • Work on complex projects from start to finish
    • Compete locally, statewide, and nationally
    • Meet new people
    • Contribute time and effort to a national service project
    • Be a part of a team

    What are your top two events?

    • Biotechnology
    • CAD foundations
    • Career Prep
    • Challenging Technology Issues
    • Children’s Stories
    • Community Service Video
    • Construction Challenge
    • Digital Photography
    • Dragster
    • Electrical Applications
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Essays on Technology
    • Flight
    • Forensic Technology
    • Geospatial Technology
    • Inventions and Innovations
    • Junior Solar Sprint
    • Leadership Strategies
    • Mass Production
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Medical Technology
    • Microcontroller Design
    • Prepared Speech
    • Problem Solving
    • Promotional Marketing
    • STEM Animation
    • Structural Engineering
    • Tech Bowl
    • Technical Design
    • Video Game Design
    • Website Design