• S.O.A.R


    Alpine Lakes

    S.O.A.R.s to Success

    Mr. Hassinger’s 4th Grade Writing Class

    Hey parents, do you want to know about our safety rules at school?

    We SOAR to success here at Alpine Lakes!

    S ~ Stands for Safety

    Eagles always walk in the hallways and they keep their hands and feet to themselves. They don’t run on the wood chips and they are aware of their surroundings while playing at recess. Eagles follow the rules inside and outside of Alpine Lakes.

    O ~ Stands for Organization

    Eagles keep their desks organized inside, on top, and all around their space. They don't leave their take-home folder at school or at home. Eagles use their time well and they always turn in their papers and homework to the right spots.

    A ~ Stands for Awesome Attitude

    Eagles arrive to school with smiles on their faces, ready to have fun, and learn as much as they can. They are always nice to others and think of others first.

    R ~ Stands for Respect and Responsibility

    Eagles are always respectful of others and they are responsible for equipment inside Alpine Lakes and outside as well. At recess, when the bell rings, they don’t just drop the equipment, Eagles put it where it belongs. They are responsible with their schoolwork and they make sure that their homework is turned in.

    At Alpine Lakes, Eagles SOAR to success...They are safe, organized, have awesome attitudes, they are respectful of others, and responsible--all of these qualities make Alpine Lakes Eagles S.O.A.R.!!