• Need to be gone?  Planning a trip?  Have a scheduled appointment? 

    Please fill out this Pre-Planned Absence Form and send to school two school days before the absence. This will excuse your child's absence along with giving the teacher time to gather work prior to the absence. 

    Alternatively, you may send an e-mail with the details below to your student's teacher and cc Ms Maritsa:  mguerrero@cascadesd.org.  Thank you!

    Student Name:_____________________________________________
    Dates your child will be gone: ___________ through ___________
    Their first day back to school will be___________________________________
    Reason for being gone:
    Family Trip/ Medical Procedure/ Funeral/ Going to Mexico


     *The (non-COVID) policy for absences is if a child is absent for 20 or more consecutive days, they must be withdrawn from the district on the 21st day.