• Icicle River Middle School


    Icicle River Middle School (IRMS) is a North Central Washington three-year middle school, grades 6, 7, and 8, located in Leavenworth, Washington. IRMS draws our students from the communities of Leavenworth, Plain, Dryden, Peshastin, Lake Wenatchee, Winton, and the Blewett Pass area. Our 300 students come from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds.

    Icicle River Middle School’s professional staff of certified teachers, para-professionals, office personnel, custodians, librarian, counselors, and administrators provides a safe and caring place where the focus is the academic and emotional growth of young people in transition. We offer counseling through a school psychologist and counselor and regional drug and alcohol resource personnel.

    The instructional program and flexible-block schedule reflect an outcome-based philosophy, in which we believe that "all kids can learn". This is manifested in clearly defined expectations, a variety of quality instructional strategies, and extended opportunities for remediation in addition to the regular 180-day school year.

    Icicle River Middle School’s curriculum includes mathematics, science, language arts, social studies, reading, health, and physical education. All students also take exploratory courses, which include art, band, and choir. Migrant/bilingual programs, L.A.P. programs, and an inclusion model special education program are available for qualified students.

    Our students participate in the National Spelling Bee, Math is Cool, After School Program Activities and Yearbook as well as traditional athletic competition for 7th and 8th graders.  Athletics include Football, Volleball, 6-8th grade Cross Country, Boys and Girls Basketball, Wrestling, Softball, and Track.

    We provide opportunities for visual and performing arts performances including art, band, and choir. Students have access to up-to-date technology and research with our computer lab.

    Student progress is reported through progress reports and quarterly report cards and excellence and effort are recognized with a variety of award programs. These include the honor roll (GPA of 3.2 or higher), Icicle River Middle School Student Awards (given by individual teachers), and Student of the Month nominations.


    Participate in your student’s school activities by:

    1. Chaperone events such as field trips and drug-free fun nights
    2. Volunteer to assist teachers in the classroom(s)
    3. Attend parent/teacher conferences
    4. Attend parent meetings, and read newsletters
    5. Attend student performances, athletic games, musical programs, academic competitions, etc.
    6. Attend open houses

    Send your student to school ready to learn:

    1. Feed your child a nutritious breakfast, and ensure your child has a balanced lunch
    2. Require your child to get a proper amount of sleep at night
    3. Establish a good study environment at home
    4. Encourage high academic performance from your child
    5. Hold your child accountable for schoolwork and check his/her homework

    Teach your child good manners and responsibility

    Insist that your child do what is expected and the best they can everyday at school and at home


    We are a building committed to creating a successful and meaningful transition for students from the elementary grades to Cascade High School and beyond.

    We are a building staff that is currently using performance-based curriculum with the integration of current technology to enhance student learning. We are continuing to strive toward every student meeting standard on the state exams in Reading, Mathematics, Writing, and Science. As well as ensuring that students meet standard in Social Studies, Physical Education and the Arts.

    Our direction is focused on encouraging students to become self-reliant, independent and self-disciplined learners who take responsibility for their own education and actions. We continue to grow toward our goals through professional development, team teaching, cooperative learning and integration of classes and curriculum.

    We are interested in targeting greater communication between students, parents and school staff, to create a greater appreciation and understanding of different life-styles and cultures.

    We are continually seeking ways to improve our school environment by recognizing students who display positive academics and behavior. Leadership and community service opportunities are provided through the Associated Student Body. Students are encouraged to volunteer their time for worthwhile community projects. Drug and alcohol abstinence and refusal skills are reinforced through our health curriculum.

    We encourage high academic performance from students. We stress the need for students to produce quality work. In order for students to perform well, we need parent help. Students need to come to school ready to learn; well fed, well rested, and academically prepared. Parents are an important part of the learning team. We encourage parents to get involved by reviewing classroom and school goals, attending parent/teacher conferences, and getting involved in parent support group, and attending student performances such as athletic events, music programs, spelling bees, etc.

    Teachers at Icicle River Middle School Middle School are continually upgrading their skills in effective methods of instruction. Staff development is a high priority in this building and time is provided for working on curriculum, assessment, instructional strategies, and National Board Certification. The staff utilizes a site-based form of decision making that involves staff members in planning for the needs of students here at Icicle River Middle School. Some areas that we continue to research are: New forms of assessment, alignment of curriculum (K-12), teaming, improving extensions, and a 3-year middle school to promote school pride and leadership skills.