Mountain Lions

     REPORT CARDS:  Report cards are located in Skyward/Family Access under your students Portfolio/Attachements.

    GRADING:  Fourth quarter grading will not be letter grades in keeping with the State Superintendent’s recommendation of “Do no harm.” We will be using S/U/I grading for the rest of the 2019-20 school year.

    “S” is for Satisfactory; a student has shown good progress in acquiring knowledge of a standard.

    “U” is for unsatisfactory; a student has shown effort in acquiring a standard but has not quite made it yet.

     “I” is for incomplete; a student for some reason has not attempted the assigned work.

    All students will advance to the next grade level in the fall, so no matter what letter grade a student receives, they will move on to the next grade level.

    In the fall teachers will look at student achievement to determine how to best teach the next grade level standards, each grading letter needing a different level of assistance. Teachers are good at “Differentiating” their instruction for students of all levels, but next year will be a very challenging year. We ask students to dedicate 3.5 to 4 hours to their schoolwork each weekday.

    YEARBOOK:  Yearbooks will be available for pick up on June 8th from 8am to noon in the IRMS parking lot.

    1st Annual IRMS Film Festival:  Congratulations to our winners:  Bohdy Hagedorn, Katie Stevens and Sammy Krejci!

    2nd Annual Talent Show:  Winners will be announced June 5th and will talent show will be on the middle school website.  See the IRMS homepage for more information

    IRMS LIBRARY:  Library Books must be returned by June 10th. Book drop boxes are now in front of the school Monday - Fridays between 8 am to 3 pm. If you have questions or need assistance with library books, contact Amy Massey at or call/text 509-699-7193.

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