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    Please visit CANVAS and Department website for office hours and contact information.


    Please visit TEAMS and Department website for office hours and contact information.


    Please visit TEAMS and Department website for office hours and contact information.


    Students should be checking in on Teams through Office 365.


    Students should be communicating with Mrs. Pehowski @ and her website at

    Mr. Rieke has information on his website.  Please have students check the link: for assignments, PE log and contact information.  During times like these, it is important to get 20-30 minutes of exercise every day. This helps with immune function, energy levels, and all around physical, emotional, and mental health!




    Please visit TEAMS and Department website for office hours and contact information. 

    6th grade:

    7th grade:


    • How to Get Kids Ready to Video-Chat for Online Classes:  Common Sense Media Article
    • Northshore School District has put together quite a lot of home learning resources
    • The Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration is offering free content for students at various grade levels. Take a look here.


    This is a video series found on Ken Burns in The Classroom titled, The West. The series breaks down the original documentary into smaller segments and has learning activities for each. This is not required for students but an opportunity to extend their learning beyond the textbook or even an alternate learning experience. This coincides with our current unit in U.S. History, Westward Expansion. If for some reason the link does not work, students/parents can google: “Ken Burns The West PBS” to find the site.

    The following links will take students to two units of study provided by the Smithsonian Museum. One is on Native American Resistance and the other is on The Mexican-American War. Both relate very well to our unit on Expansion West. These links are meant to provide extension activities and readings for students if they have completed the Expansion West textbook related work they have received.

    ELA:   Kids listen to audiobooks for free!



    • Although this says teachers make the request, actually parents can make the request now to Skype a Scientist.



    Letters about Literature. If you'd like, write a letter or email to an author when you've enjoyed their book. No deadline! Email or share with me, and I'll get those to the authors. Tell an author how their book has changed your life.

    Families can still access the public library. If you don't already have a library card, you can now register for an eCard online.

    Our friends with STYLE (remember that loud assembly in the gym last fall?) have put together some fun literary and musical stories and games. Check it out for fun!

    Email me any time. ~Mrs. Massey


    FOOD SERVICE:  Cascade School District meal support team will be serving breakfast and lunch for students.  This service started Tuesday, 3/17 and will continue through 4/24  (please complete the survey on the district website page) so we can plan ahead). 

    Locations and times for pickup Monday-Friday are:
    - Beaver Valley School, Plain 8:45-9:45 am

    - Blewett Fire Station, Blewett (Valley Hi) 8:40-9:40 am
    - Cascade High School, 8:15-9:15 am
    - Dryden Softball Field Park, 8:50-9:50 am
    - Nason Creek Rest area, Merritt 8:45 - 9:45 am
    - Peshastin-Dryden Elementary School, 8:30-9:30 am

    YEARBOOK:  Mrs. Lea Boggs is still in need of more pictures.  Please email her,, pictures of you doing school work at home, online and getting exercise outside, etc.

    COUNSELING:  Mr. T, Thomas Tilton, IRMS School Counselor is available via email @  Mr. T will get back to students in need within 24 hours or make an appointment to video conference with the app, ZOOM.

    WEBSITE-For current information, please refer to the District website @ For current middle school news, please select Icicle River MS at the top of that website.  We have several links available for students to assist with online homework and for online resources.  Please go to the “For Students” tab and scroll down to “Student Resources”.


    The Community Cupboard food bank is now offering food box delivery for anyone within the Cascade School District area. Just leave a voicemail for the Community Cupboard at (509) 548-6727 or email Bob Mark at and he can help get it set up.