Coach Kevin Farrell

Junior FIRST LEGO League

  • Kids are naturally curious, in fact, from the time they can talk they want to know why and what makes the world tick. So how do you get kids interested in science and technology at the youngest of ages? Give them a real world problem they can grasp hold of and solve as a team.

    Every year, the FIRST organization announces a challenge theme that today's scientists and engineers are already working to solve; take transportation, food safety, or climate change as examples. It is the theme that provides the inspiration and starting point from which all teams begin their research. Teams then select a topic that falls under the theme's umbrella and build their findings and a solution out of LEGO bricks. It is this hands-on component coupled with a real life challenge that makes Jr.FLL truly engaging to young learners.

    Jr. FLL Coach Mr. Eric Tiegel and Mrs. Jenelle Allen have been given solid framework for delivering an 8 week enrichment for the Robot Club.