• Migrant / Bilingual 

    As a district, we are committed to providing language development while honoring the student's primary language. 

    How do students qualify for a disrict's English language development program?
    When students enroll in school, parents are asked "What language did your child first learn to speak?" and "What language does your child use the most at home?".  If the answer to either question is a language other than English, the students takes the English Language Proficiencey Assessment (ELPA) Screener.  Students who score at the Emerging or Progressing levels of English proficiency on the ELPA Screener qualify for additional help to improve their English.
    Title IC-Migrant Education
    Programs assist students whose mobility raises barriers to success.  The program supports the unique educational as well as health needs of migrant students by enhancing their opportunities for personal success and advocating for quality services that promote responsible and productive individuals. 
    Contact Emily Ross, (509) 548-5832. Contact the Elementary Bilingual Secretary Miriam Rodriguez

    State Transitional Bilingual
    Funds many of the same services available under Title III (English Language Learners) and addresses the unique needs of students from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds and to help them achieve the high content and performance standards expected of all students in Washington State.  
    Contact Emily Ross, (509) 548-5832. Contact the Elementary Bilingual Secretary Miriam Rodriguez
Name Title Location Email Phone
Bonnie Phipps K-2 ELL Teacher PD Elementary bphipps@cascadesd.org 548-5832
Emily Ross Migrant/Bilingual Director PD Elementary eross@cascadesd.org 548-5832
Flor Murguia-West 3-5 ELL Teacher Alpine Lakes Elementary fwest@cascadesd.org 548-5839
Jesus Sandoval 6-8 ELL Teacher Icicle River Middle School jsandoval@cascadesd.org 548-4042
Jill Weil 9-12 ELL Teacher Cascade High School jweil@cascadesd.org 548-5277
Maren Cagle Special Services Secretary 520 Pine Street mcagle@cascadesd.org 509-548-4004
Miriam Rodriguez Parent Advisory Council (PAC) Secretary PD & ALP Elementary mrodriguez@cascadesd.org 548-5832