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    To view our district policies and procedures for
    the use of our facilities please click on one of the links below:

    Policy 4260   

    Procedure 4260   

  • Questions regarding fees, invoices, policy and procedural issues should be directed to the Facilities Director, Teresa Disher, at 509-548-5885 or tdisher@cascadesd.org.

  • For more information, review the policy for the use of school facilities and the policy implementation procedure for the fees and charges.


    By day, the Cascade School District serves more than 1100 students. At night and on weekends, the district’s school buildings and grounds are used extensively by a wide range of community and civic groups for meetings, classes, special events, and recreational activities.

    Instructions for accessing CommunityUser:

    To view spaces in the schools, grounds or other buildings, please visit our Reservation Site. If you are interested in reserving space, please click on the upper right corner of the calendar where it says “Log in to request facilities use” and follow the instructions for creating an account through Community User.
    Once you are approved to become a community user, you may apply to use our facilities.

    You will receive an email from SchoolDude when your event has been approved and activated. Please do not opt out of email notifications or you will not get our messages.

    When space is available, individuals and community members may apply to reserve District facilities. The requested times may not interfere with the Cascade School District instructional programs, student athletics or activities and school-related groups.
    We use a classification system to assign fees for community use. You will receive an invoice following the event for rental and personnel charges. If you have any questions about potential fees for facility rental, please contact our office, tdisher@cascadesd.org.
    Please note that not all rooms in a school are available for rent. We do not rent the weight room, office spaces or science labs. Computer labs may only be rented with a trained technician; additional costs may apply.
    All Facility Use is dependent on our ability to staff the event when personnel is required.
    We do not accept reservations for use of our gyms or fields until season sports have scheduled their use.