• The term curriculum refers to the academic content taught in a school or in a specific course.

    In Washington State, academic content is based on Washington State learning standards. You can find more about Washington State learning standards here

    Cascade School District has a rotating cycle of curricular resource adoption, during which teachers review the learning standards, review curricular resources, and determine which resources would best help students learn. During this school year, CSD is going through a review and adoption of Social-Emotional Learning, Spanish, and English as a Second Language curricular resources. If you have any questions about that process, you can contact James Swanson.

    Other curricular resources used in Cascade School District include:

    • Elementary
      • Science Kits from the North Central Educational Service District for elementary science; NGS standards followed
    • High School

    If you have questions about SB 5395, comprehensive sexual health education, please refer to this presentation by Dr. Linda McKay, Assistant Superintendent of the North Central Washington Educational Service District.