•                                                                             WELCOME TO 6TH GRADE

    Your Reading Life! What books have you enjoyed reading or had read to you as a child? Which ones were your favorites? What book are you reading right now? 

    This year you are adding to your reading life and growing as a reader and as a person.

    I believe that reading should be enjoyable. I am very passionate about helping you find a book that you can enjoy.  

     For Quarter 4 I am going to encourage every student to find a new book...one that you have not read before....one that grabs your interest. This may take some time and focus. If you finished a book 3rd quarter, please put together a video presentation or powerpoint or poster to share with the class. We can do this in our weekly class video meeting or you can share it to the other students' e-mail. This will help others decide which book they may want to read next.