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    August 7, 2018 (CHS)
    We are on track for the Aug 28th first day of school!  New furniture is now in and placed in the new academic wing of the high school (to the right of this photo) as demolition and construction continues on "Phase 2".

    The old Cascade High School administrative offices are gone and will be replaced by a new art classroom, weight room/fitness studio, visiting team locker rooms, concessions, and other athletic wing facilities. This new construction phase will connect the new academic wing with the previously modernized gymnasiums.

    This phase II of construction has a completion date of December 2018.

    CHS Stage

    CHS Stage from Soundbooth- June 2018

    The Cascade High School academic wing, offices, band room, commons and other portions will be ready for Aug 28, 2018 start of school.  

    The old administration offices and rest of building will be torn down in next few months and then final phase is the construction of the athletic wing that connects the academic wing with the existing gyms.  Final completion of last phase is set for mid-December 2018. 

    This phasing and design has allowed students to continue to utilize the school and not be placed in portables during construction. 



    CHS demolition




    July 3, 2018
    The old Cascade High School administrative offices are gone and will be replaced by a new art classroom, weight room/fitness studio, visiting team locker rooms, concessions, and other athletic wing facilities. This new construction phase will connect the new academic wing with the previously modernized gymnasiums.

    This phase II of construction has a completion date of December 2018.

    July 2018
    School ended on June 14th and immediately the movers came in and orchestrated a fast move of boxed items into the gyms in anticipation of the demolition of the last old part of the high school.  The WA State Patrol and other local law enforcement agencies worked with the contractors to do some tactical training in the old portion of the building (blowing doors, etc) prior to destruction. This was invaluable training for the agencies.

    Asbestos abatement in a small area of the building was addressed prior to demolition and then during the week of June 25th the old administrative offices came down.

    May 2018

    The construction of Phase 1 (academic wing) is wrapping up and shortly after school ends on June 14th, the administrative offices and old part of the high school will be torn down to accommodate the construction of Phase 2 portion of the project.  This will connect the academic wing with the arts and athletic portion of the building.

    The academic wing, administrative offices, library and rest of the newly constructed area will be ready for students on Aug 28, 2018.  Phase 2 will be completed in January 2019.

    January 29, 2018

    Lib Window
    Installing floor to ceiling windows in the CHS library space today.


    November 2017

    CHS Interior  CHS Academic Wing

     CHS South View CHS Band Room & Commons

    Progress on the high school has been remarkable.  As of September, both gyms have been completed (and in use) and the boys and girls locker rooms have been modernized and look beautiful. 

    The academic wing is fully framed and the permanent roof installed including a specially designed drainage system, which includes heating in critical areas.  Each classroom is framed with internal walls and most of the windows are in place.  You will notice the classroom windows are very generous in size and south facing.  Steel superstructures are now being installed in the section that will house the kitchen, commons/theater and band room.  Once completed, the theater will provide retractable comfortable seating for an audience of 500.  A temporary roof will be installed over the theater and common sections to seal the area, protect it from winter and keep it warmer while work in the interior continues.  In the spring a permanent roof will be installed when the temperature is conducive for a proper seal. 

    August 2017

    Construction is moving along this summer.  The CHS locker rooms will be ready for the first day of school and both gyms will opening soon after.  The gyms need a longer cure time for the floor sealer to harden in order to get the best results so they will be opening on September 11th.
    As of August 17th, the bleachers, speakers, lights and backboards are all installed in the big gym.  The painting is completed and the exterior doors have been moved to their new locations.  In the auxiliary gym the painting of the ceiling is done, the new floor is installed and all of the backboards are up. 
    Big Gym Bleachers


    June 27, 2017

    Lydig Construction started demolition of the Cascade High School 100 Wing (aka: Junior High Wing to those of you pre-IRMS days). Lydig worker, Tim Hill, a 1973 Leavenworth High School graduate, takes the first bite!
    Tim Hill  

    June 2017
    Work continues on the small gym.  The new concrete floor base has been installed and is curing. Over the summer a new wood floor will be installed, backboards will be updated, new lighting will be installed and the ceiling will be scraped and painted for a fresh, new look.
    On June 19th work began on the big gym.  This gym will get new bleachers, the drop ceiling will be removed, new lighting, new backboards, new score clocks and new floor finishes. 
    Work also began in the boy's and girl's locker rooms.  These rooms, along with all the adjoining rooms, such as the restrooms, shower rooms, coaches rooms, ice room and laundry room will be updates with new lighting, paint and some modifications.   

    CHS Big Gym Big Gym



    May 2, 2017 
    Construction begins this week on the small high school gym.  The plan is to remove the old bleachers, remove and replace the old floor, upgrade lighting, upgrade equipment and modify ceiling.




    April 20, 2017 - Cascade High School


    • Lydig is on site and in full swing building foundation footings for the two-story classroom wing. Form inspections should occur next week and concrete poured shortly thereafter.


    • Modernization will begin on the athletic facility beginning May 1 and they expect to be completed with that section of the project before school begins in August.


    • Four classrooms have already been vacated and relocated to the library and two more will be removed at the end of this school year to allow for new construction. Plans have been made to relocate the classrooms to alternate locations within the school. It won’t be pretty, but it’s necessary to get scope of work done on schedule. 

    First Week of April 2017
    Construction started this week on the Cascade High School Project. This multi-phase project is due to be completed in October of 2019. 
    HS Const
    Superintendent, Bill Motsenbocker, looking on as construction begins on the Cascade High School project.
    January 19, 2017 Bid Opening CHS
    Two of the four bids came in under budget with Lydig Construction of Spokane the low bidder.  Lydig is a high-quality company with integrity that specializes in building schools in Washington State.  Construction will begin in late March or early April 2017 depending on the weather.  The Cascade School District Board of Directors awarded the high school construction bid to Lydig Construction at the January 23rd board meeting.
    December 15, 2016 Bid Package Schedule:
    First bid advertisement - December 14th, 2016
    Second bid advertisement - December 21st, 2016
    Optional pre-bid walk-thru - January 4th, 2017
    Bid opening - January 19th, 2017 at Cascade School District Board Room, 330 Evans Street, Leavenworth. 
    November 15, 2016: Project Redesigns are Completed
    In September of 2016 all of the bids received by four contractors on the high school project were over budget. As a result, the school board rejected the bids and work began reworking the design with Northwest Architecture Company of Spokane. The following changes were made to bring the high school within the budget parameters:
    • Convert multi-purpose room into a 2,500 s.f. fitness studio
    • Fully modernize current boys and girls locker rooms 
    • Add visiting team changing rooms with shower facilities
    • Modernize the existing CTE classroom and wood/metal shops to meet current standards and technical education needs 

    Bids will be submitted by interested contractors in January for the high school. The winning bidder will be able to begin construction by late March or early April. 
     Cascade High School Computer Renderings
    CHS West
    CHS East  
    August 16th, 2016:  Bid Opening for CHS

    April 11, 2016: Smith Excavation, from Cashmere, won the bid for the early site package work on the Cascade High School and will start work on June 16th, 2016.  This is the beginning of phase one and will consist of excavation of the current parking lot to prep for upcoming new construction.  They will also be excavating the areas including the tennis courts and behind the metal/wood shop to create a temporary parking lot.


    Click on the files below to view the original site plan and renderings for Cascade High School. Bids on this design were all rejected as the low bid was 10% over budget for the project in August of 2016.

    Cascade High School Renderings

    Cascade High School Site Plan